Best Service Apartment Hotel In Trichy

Best Service Apartment Hotel In Trichy


While the main part of enjoying any holiday or trip is exploring all a destination has to offer, the place you decide to stay can have a huge impact on your enjoyment. Whether it means a comfortable place to sleep, a nice lounge area for those lazy afternoons or a fantastic central location, there are a lot of things to consider when making choices with accommodation.

While hotels have become the go-to for many travellers’ short-term stays, the issues that customers frequently facewhen visiting hotels are universally recognised. Due to exorbitant fees for food, WiFi and, in many instances, television, a lack of proper hygiene and upkeep and a perceived lack of privacy just to name a few, many travellers are looking for an alternative.

RNR Melbourne’s serviced apartments offer the feeling of being in a fully furnished home, whilst also providing all of the perks and conveniences of a hotel experience. So, we’re going to walk through some of the benefits that serviced apartments have that make them a fantastic alternative to the traditional hotel experience.


Whether due to paper-thin walls, disconcertingly placed windows or regular intrusions by staff, it’s hard to feel alone in a hotel. This is especially true when you decide to venture out into the building, where the discomfort of dozens of family and business people being forced into a large enclosed space truly rears itself.

Serviced apartments, much like any apartment, are fully self-contained, allowing you a homely hideaway from the busy streets that await you outside. This can be an enormous relief, especially considering that our apartments are located close to the city. So, not only are you only a quick jaunt away from the heart of Melbourne’s art, culture and shopping, you also have a nice, quiet place to confine yourself once the day is done.


While getting room service can certainly add a dash of pampered pleasantness to your travels, it can quickly lose its lustre when you’re having it every day. There are a wide array of fantastic bars and restaurants across Melbourne, however, you just can’t beat a home cooked meal.

For those that are planning an extended stay, the kitchen is an absolute must that is often neglected from the spatially-limited designs of traditional hotel rooms. Serviced apartments, given that they strive to provide quality over quantity when developing their spaces, are fully equipped with all of the amenities needed to cook a delicious hot meal when the weather gets cold.


Nothing can take you out of the luxurious experience of exploring art, culture and fine dining quite like attempting to find a laundromat in a city you are unfamiliar with. Coupled with this, a smattering of broken or improperly maintained equipment can make an otherwise lovely stay feel lacking and uncomfortable.

Serviced apartments, partially due to their more balanced staff to guest ratio, are rarely burdened with such issues and, if a problem should arise, it can be dealt with swiftly without any detrimental impact on your stay. Plus, the time and effort RNR Melbourne put into meticulously crafting the ideal accommodation experience ensures that our guests are only receiving the highest quality in equipment and amenities.

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